Captain Jack???

I am going to be honest here. I have been to Disney World in Florida more times than I care to admit. Mostly for my kids… and yes there are tons of great memories of them having the time of their lives. For me, most of the memories are of me walking 100 miles in 99 degree temperatures and 100% humidity from 8 am until 11 pm, with my chief job being a pack mule. “Dad, can you hold this?”, “Dad, where is my that?”. Honestly, I am happy to do it, as long as I get a break from time to time.

These breaks usually come in the form of the older rides in the park, “It’s a Small World” and “Pirates of the Caribbean”. In my opinion, once you have been on these rides, there is NEVER a need to do them again, yet families insist on going every time they are in the park.

I see it a bit differently. I look forward to these rides more than any other and here’s why; 1. They are long and slow, sometimes taking 15 minutes or longer, so I can rest my aching back and legs. 2. The air conditioning is killer, by the end of the ride I am cool and dry, and 3. They are boring. period. End of story. There is nothing to see on a second trip that you haven’t seen already.  So, I take advantage of  that with a nice long nap. ZZZzzzzzzzz.

Now someone has foiled my evil plan. Check out this cell phone video, for the first time ever Pirates has something to see, Johnny Depp showed up dressed as Captain Jack! Now that is worth skipping a nap to see.

Boss Frog