Scientists: Pets Get Stressed Out When Left Home Alone

Did you ever wonder what your dog does when you head off to work? Two leading canine behavior experts say the first few minutes of isolation are most stressful for a dog. Alice Potter, a pet scientist, explains, “The most common behavioral signs of separation-related behavior are destructive behavior often targeted at the door the owner leaves through, various types of vocalizations (howling, barking, and whining), defecating and urinating. Other less frequent signs include excessive salivation, self-mutilation, repetitive behavior and vomiting.” After the first half and hour or so of distress, the next few hours of isolation behaviors will depend on the personality of your dog. To help your dog cope with your absence you should feed and exercise them beforehand, and do not punish them if they misbehave in your absence, as it can damage your relationship. (Daily Mail