Study: Why You Feel Hungover Even If You Didn’t Drink Much

After a night of drinking you might have a headache, and maybe some nausea, but what if you didn’t drink much and you still feel that way? Emotional hangovers are usually caused by life events such as work incidences, a life disappointment, a friendship issue, or even an argument. They can even follow a wedding or a honeymoon. According to a recent study by a team at New York University, emotional experiences can induce physiological and internal brain states that persist for long periods of time after the emotional events have ended. Psychologist Dr. Joann Lukins explains, “Our previous experiences can be a ‘lens’ with which we view our current experience and future events. Therefore, how we have experienced previous events is likely to be an influencer as to how we might experience the present day and the future.” Lukins say if you’re suffering with an emotional hangover you should try exercising, eating well, and expressing your emotions. (Fox