Blue White Morning Thoughts

By: Thomas Frank Carr



Don’t’ Let the Weather Scare You:

While it might be cloudy and a little cooler than you’d like on a day like today, there shouldn’t be any rain according to AccuWeather. I guess it comes down to what you’d rather want for Blue White weekend? Hot, sunny and a bit sweaty; or cooler and less chance of a nasty sun burn. I prefer a bit cooler (then again I wear dress clothes to football games).

Team Breakdown:

Right off the top I should include the disclaimer that this really doesn’t mean that much, but there were some interesting breakdowns along the Blue and White rosters yesterday. The wide receiver competition got a tad clearer with Irv Charles being relegated to the White Team. Since being called ‘the most talented receiver I’ve ever coached” by Head Coach James Franklin last year, the expectations for Charles have been incredibly high.

I think Franklin’s meaning has been clear though, it was meant as a challenge to Charles to live up to his potential, not an adornment as the next big thing offensively. Charles has struggled to distinguish himself in a crowded receiving corps over the last two years. Juwan Johnson has clearly distanced himself over the past few months and appears to be the favorite of the two big receivers. I still think DeAndre Thompkins should be a dark horse candidate for breakout performer this year. He was a consistent threat before his injury vs Ohio State last year.

It was also interesting to see that there were only five offensive linemen on the White Roster. With the mixing and matching that goes on during the game, it is hardly about to stay the same. It was none the less eye catching. Will Fries seems to be lagging behind in the battle for starting spots along the offensive line. One issue that he may be facing is that he can’t add the size that the coaching staff is looking for.

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