Top Spring Cleaning Chores

The website Angie’s List polled people to find out what the top spring-cleaning chores are. The average person said they’ll do six different chores. And 41% will hire a professional to help with at least one of them.

Here are the top five chores we take care of when it’s spring-cleaning time . . .

1. The windows. 69% of people who plan to do some spring-cleaning said they’ll clean their windows.

2. The blinds and curtains, 58%. So the windows are definitely the most popular AREA to clean.

3. Deep-cleaning the bathrooms, 56%.

4. Cleaning major appliances, like the refrigerator, 54%.

5. The carpets and rugs, 41%.

The survey also found the top three OUTDOOR chores are getting our lawn in shape . . . making sure the air conditioner works . . . and cleaning the gutters.  

(PR Newswire)