Study Finds Venting Online Just Makes You Angrier

The scenario could be anything: you receive bad service, get a terrible meal, or are mistreated by a friend. The more you think about it, the angrier you get, so you decide the best thing to do is unleash all that vitriol in written form – maybe a carefully crafted email or an online review – and release it out into the world. It’s cathartic, almost healing, right?

 Actually no. Research has shown that venting can actually make us feel worse. And as Brad Bushman, a professor at the Ohio State University said, the ease with which we rant on the Internet is making us angrier than ever. In fact, a 2013 study showed that regular users of online rant sites are more prone to anger In Real Life too, and take part in more negative and rage-driven behaviors such as reckless driving.