Humble-Brags About  being Overworked Are The New Status Symbol

 People like to rattle off lists of things they have to do, and a new study finds complaining about being overworked is a new status symbol. Columbia University researchers reviewed 1,100 examples of online “humble-bragging,” for example “I’m just so swamped by all of my charity work.” They then asked a group of participants to guess the social status and wealth of a series of Facebook users who had posted updates on leisure activities or workplace busyness. They ultimately found Americans viewed relentless work in a more favorable light than they did leisure-seeking. Lead study author Silivia Bellezza explains, “In the past, living a leisurely life and not working was the most powerful way to signal one’s status. Fast-forward to America today, and complaining about being busy and working all the time has become increasingly common.” (UPI