The Top Bill O’Reilly Books In The Works

Despite sexual harassment charges against him, Bill O’Reilly’s latest book is already a bestseller. And there are more in the pipeline. Here are The Top Bill O’Reilly Books in the Works.

  • “Horton Hears a Culture of Misogyny and Sexual Abuse”
  • “Perversion and Prejudice”
  • “1984 . . . Is the Number of Women I’ve Sexually Harassed”
  • “The Great GRAB-sky”
  • “Men Are from Mars, Women Are Far Too Litigious”
  • “Where the Wild Things Are: My Pants”
  • “Crime and No Punishment from Fox News”
  • “Getting Tail in Two Cities”
  • “The Little Engine That Couldn’t Unless it Slept with Me”
  • “Lord of the Open Flies”
  • “Settling Sexual Harassment Suits for Dummies”
  • The Very Horny Caterpillar”
  • “$13 Million Reasons Why You Should Shut Up”
  • “The Skirt Hikers Guide to the Galaxy”