Don Rickles: The Tributes

DON RICKLES was legendary for ragging on EVERYONE . . . however, he was so good at it, and did it with so much respect that EVERYONE paid tribute to him yesterday.  Here are the highlights:


Mel Brooks:  “One of the bravest, funniest, and sweetest guys that ever performed.  A dear pal that we will all sorely miss.”

 Tom Hanks:  “A God died today.  Don, we did not want to ever lose you. Never.”

 Jimmy Kimmel:  “90 years with him weren’t enough.  One of the sweetest and most lovely people I had the pleasure of knowing.”

 Barbra Streisand:  “Being skewered by Don Rickles was side-splitting funny.  A gentle soul with rapid fire wit.”

 Larry King:  “A national treasure is gone.  His talent was limitless.  To know him was a gift.”

 Martin Scorsese:  “I had the honor of being roasted by him more than once, sometimes when I didn’t expect it . . . he just started showing up at places and insulting me.   “Experiencing Don, and tuning into his mind, I witnessed the evolution of his comedy.  It was like listening to a great jazz musician wail.  Nobody else did what he did.  He made comedy into an art form.  And like all geniuses, comic or otherwise, he’s irreplaceable.  He was much loved.  I’m really missing this man.”

 Barbara Eden:  “Don [was] such sharp hilarious wit in an era when an insult comic didn’t need to be vulgar to be funny.”

Chris Rock:  “He was the love of my life.  Don Rickles is funnier right now in death than most comics are in life.”

 Jim Carrey:  “Don once begged me for a couple of bucks, then told me to twist myself into a pretzel.  Ego slayer!  Comic Everest!  Spank you, Mr Rickles.”

 Bob Saget:  “My friend, my dad, the funniest biggest hearted of them all.  A beautiful husband and father.  My heart is broken.  Rest in Peace.”

 Patton Oswalt:  “In lieu of flowers, Don Rickles’ family has requested that people drop their pants and fire a rocket.”