Signs You’re Too Old to Fly Your Own Plane

In honor of Harrison Ford keeping his pilots license…Signs You’re Too Old to Fly Your Own Plane

  • You joined the Mile High club…with Amelia Earhart

  • You keep forgetting you don’t have to crank the engine

  • Your plane was designed by Leonardo Da Vinci

  • You still call your plane a “flying machine”

  • Charles Lindbergh once called you “old-timer”

  • You respond to every instruction from air traffic control by yelling, “What’s that? Come again?”

  • You respond to near misses by shaking your fist at the other pilot

  • Out of force of habit, you keep a close lookout for Japanese fighter planes

  • Air traffic control refers to you as “Gramps”

  • You played Indiana Jones back in the 80’s