What Would You Do To Avoid Taxes?

The most interesting part of this survey might be just how TERRIFIED we are of singing in public.  Two-thirds of us wouldn’t do it in front of our co-workers even if thousands of dollars were on the line.

Over 1,000 people were asked if they’d perform five karaoke songs in front of their co-workers to get out of paying TAXES, and almost 70% said NO.

Here are seven scenarios, and how many of us would go through with them if it meant we didn’t have to pay taxes this year . . .

1.  Perform five karaoke songs in front of your co-workers . . . 32% would do it.

2.  Go without WiFi for an entire year . . . 18% said they’d do it.

3.  Let your credit score plummet 50 points . . . 16% said yes.

4.  Gain 20 pounds . . . 13% would do it.

5.  Have your entire browser history made public . . . 11% would let it happen.

6.  Smell like a SKUNK for six months . . . 5% said it would be worth it.

7.  Give up half of your retirement savings . . . 5% would do it.  Which is actually low, because a survey last month found 34% of us haven’t saved ANYTHING for retirement.  So that one should be an automatic yes for a lot of people.