The Best Time to Use the Bathroom at Work, on a Plane, and at a Restaurant

This might come in handy today, or every day. When’s the best time to use bathroom at work if you want to stay in there a while, and have some privacy?

Some website asked an HR guru who considers herself an “expert” on the topic. And she says the two best times are first thing in the morning, or during your lunch hour.

Most people don’t use the bathroom right when they get to work, so there probably won’t be anyone in there. And there’s a good chance you’ll have some privacy when everyone’s out at lunch too . . . but it kind of defeats the purpose of not working.

They also asked a former flight attendant about the best time to get down to business on a PLANE. That one’s harder to predict because of the people-to-toilet ratio.

But she claims your best bet is right after they turn off the fasten seatbelt sign. Or you could wait 20 to 30 minutes for the initial rush to pass. Just make sure you get in there before they serve drinks, or you’ll have to wait a while.

If you need a long bathroom break while you’re with someone at a RESTAURANT, the best time to go is right after you order. And you’ve got about five minutes before they start wondering what’s taking so long. (Mel Magazine)