Signs You’re a Bad Wheel of Fortune Contestant

Wheel of Fortune contestant came one letter away from the win, but spectacularly blew his chance with a somewhat smutty wrong answer. Kevin had to complete the clue: “A Streetcar Na_ed Desire.” But instead of using the letter “M” to give the name of Tennessee Williams’ 1947 play, he opted to use a “K”…”A Streetcar Naked Desire”? Here are some other signs that maybe “The Wheel” isn’t your game:

  • You keep calling Pat Sajak “Pete”

  • When you have to guess a letter, you shout “Six!”

  • Pat and Vanna keep smacking their foreheads

  • You try to psych out opponents by faking an epileptic seizure

  • At the end of the show, you somehow owe $40,000 to Merv Griffin Productions

  • When you hit “Bankrupt,” the audience jumps to their feet and cheers

  • When asked to solve the puzzle, you instead blurt out that you wet the bed until you were 12

  • At a certain point, Pat Sajak takes a swing at you

  • Your nametag actually says “Loser”