Couples Who Snuggle for 15 Minutes after Sex Are More Likely to Stay Together

Why does simply lying next to someone and snuggling feel so darn good? When it comes to cuddling, it is all about the “Big O” and by “O”, We mean Oxytocin. Oxytocin is a very powerful neurotransmitter that’s released when we’re physically close to someone, when we touch, love, have sex, and yes, when we have an orgasm.

 Oxytocin leads to feelings of well being trust and compassion, while decreasing fear and anxiety. Holding hands, being physically affectionate, even when sex is not involved, was shown to lead to greater levels of satisfaction, in terms of sex and the perception of one’s partner. And the effects seem to have long term consequences. One study shows that couples who snuggled for at least 15 minutes after having sex experienced deeper intimacy and were more likely to stay together.

 Oxytocin levels have been shown to be highest when first falling in love and the higher the level initially, the higher the chances the couple will still be in love six months later.