Relationship Mistakes You Can’t Forgive—and That’s Okay

Relationship Mistakes You Can’t Forgive—and That’s Okay

 Cheating twice

Whether or not you should forgive a first-time cheater is a hot topic but let’s all agree you should never forgive a second-time offender. If someone cheats twice, then that means your forgiving them the first time did not make them think about their actions.

Asking you to put your goals aside for his

If a man asks you to work less so that you can be home to comfort him after he’s been working, or if he ever asks you not to go to an important work event, stating you should care about being with him more, get out of there.

 Picking a physical fight with another man

Men who get into physical brawls don’t show regard for the physical boundaries and safety of other human beings…it’s as simple as that.

 Blackmailing you

If a man ever, for even a moment, suggests that he would use private information about you to get something he wants from you, do not forgive him. That man will always care more about himself and his desires than the collective good of both of you as a couple.