Why Being Yourself Won’t Actually Make A Relationship Work

It’s common advice: just be yourself, but a new study says when it comes to a relationship, that’s just not enough. Published in the journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, researchers asked participants to take a series of surveys in which they were asked to describe three things: their “true selves,” their “ideal selves,” and their relationships. Some participants were then asked if they acted more like their ideal or their true selves around their partners. Researchers found that participants who said they acted like their “ideal selves” around their partners also reported their relationships were more “authentic” than those who said they were in relationships where they either “couldn’t be their ideal selves” or “were pushed to be their true selves.” The take home message: it’s not enough to be with someone who just allows you to be yourself when you could be with someone who pushes you to be your best self. (Elite Daily