What a pain in the…..

Nothing funny today…just some words of advice.  Colon cancer is the third leading cause of cancer deaths.  If you act properly, by getting a regular colonoscopy, six out of every ten deaths can be avoided.  I got mine yesterday, and I’m here to tell you a few things:

  1.  Everyone gets polyps.  It’s when you don’t discover them early and treat them that they develop into cancer.
  2. Everyone bitches about the prep.  That’s because they haven’t done it lately.  The stuff they used to make you drink…64 ounces of (basically) liquid chalk has been replaced.  I drank two 32 oz. bottles of grape G2 Gatorade (G2 because I’m diabetic) and mixed in unflavored MiraLax powder in both of them.  All I could taste was the Gatorade.
  3. Everyone bitches about the frequent bathroom visits.  Nothing you can do about that….you’re taking copious amounts of laxatives.  Buck up, Buttercup.
  4. Everyone fears the procedure…..DON’T.  About 10 seconds after I got the “juice”, I was out.  Never felt a thing….and no after effects, either.  All I got was a REALLY nice nap.

So…when the Doc tells you it’s time….DO IT!  It ain’t no big thang….but it very well could save your life.