Signs You Have A Bad Accountant

It’s tax time, so please keep in mind these signs you may have a bad accountant.

  • His last job was polling for the 2016 election.
  • He asks if you want him to do your finances using “alternative numbers.”
  • He’s in charge of Oscar envelopes.
  • She has a Juggalo face tattoo.
  • Beneath “Tax Preparer,” she signs, “Suck It, Trump!”
  • He always brings his dog to the office with him. His dog died six months ago.
  • At one point during your appointment he asks you to “Turn your head and cough.”
  • She says you can write off your download of a Spin Doctors song as a charitable donation.
  • He’s the number one result when you Google “Bad accountant.”
  • The only thing he knows how to do with his computer is play “Minesweeper”.
  • That picture of kids on his desk? Yours.
  • He only talks to you through his ventriloquist dummy.
  • You recognize him as the guy who came to your house a month ago, trying to sell you a $2,000 vacuum cleaner.
  • Her degree is from Trump University.
  • He says he’s the guy who put the “ass” in “assets.”