I’m STILL recovering from Nashville!

I’ve been back from Nashville since Saturday, and my body is still trying to get back on a normal schedule! (If I’ve ever been on a “normal” sleep schedule before, that is…)

The #1 rule of Country Radio Seminar is that sleep is at a premium. You get MAYBE 4 hours of sleep a night if you’re lucky, because you’re constantly getting pulled in different directions until the wee hours of the morning. “Come to our party!” “Hey, man – we have a show tonight, you’ll be there, right?!” “Don’t forget – this seminar is at 8 AM!” Yeah – you get the picture.

I’m SO used to going until 1 or 2 AM without stopping that my body is finally just realizing that it needs sleep NOW to make up for the sleep that I didn’t get last week! I’ve been out at 9 or 10 PM the past few evenings, which is OBSCENELY early for me!

Don’t worry – there’s plenty of interviews that I conducted coming soon!