Donald Trump Still Has an Unclaimed Razzie from 1991

PRESIDENT TRUMP loves to be honored and adored.  So it’s weird that he won an award 26 years ago, and he STILL hasn’t collected it, right?  Well, maybe it’s not weird . . . since it’s a RAZZIE.



Trump won Worst Supporting Actor in 1991 for his cameo in a crappy “comedy” called “Ghosts Can’t Do It”, starring Bo Derek and Anthony Quinn.  And to this day, it remains unclaimed.



The Razzie founders said, quote, “We have it proudly displayed on the mantle at our Los Angeles headquarters.  Hoping Trump will pick it up soon before it all falls to pieces.



“We’d like to get it out of here and place it with its rightful owner, in the office where he currently displays a very sad performance to a frightened world audience.”