Facts About Flirting

Here are five facts about flirting that you might find useful. . .

1. A study in 2004 found we flirt for six different reasons. We want to hook up . . . we’re just having fun . . . we’re “exploring” to see what it would be like to date the person . . . we’re trying to increase intimacy . . . we’re trying to boost our own self-esteem . . . or we’re trying to manipulate the other person.

2. Guys like being direct, but women prefer open-ended questions. Men prefer straightforward lines like, “You’re cute. Can I buy you a drink?” But women like it when a guy opens with a question like, “What team are you rooting for?” A bunch of studies have shown that almost no one likes corny pick-up lines.

3. Men overestimate how interested women are, and women do the opposite. In other words, guys think they have a shot with almost ANYONE. And sometimes women don’t even realize a guy’s flirting. They just think he’s being nice.

4. Women are more responsive to flirting when it’s nice out. Researchers had guys try to get women’s numbers when the sun was out, and when it was cloudy. And they got more numbers when it was sunny.

5. Guys won’t flirt with you just because you’re good looking. A study way back in the ’80s found guys don’t always flirt with the most attractive woman in the room. They flirt with the one who makes the most eye contact. (Business Insider)