Kyrie Irving Was… Trolling Us? Maybe?

Cleveland Cavalier’s guard Kyrie Irving went on a podcast recently and made the statement that he thinks the earth is flat….but does he really? When asked about it this weekend, he implied that it was a social experiment about ‘the state of our society’ that what he said could be news given all the other things that are going on…or getting to know him as a person. (????)

Sorry, Kyrie but if you’re trying to prove a point, you’re doing a super bad job of it. He never comes out and clarifies his statement in the video below, except to say how ‘crazy’ it is.

If you’re trolling us, fine. Clearly you’re a smart guy but what in the world are you trying to prove? You have our attention, now make your point. Instead of dismissing the question of whether you believe what you said or not, state your point more clearly.

Otherwise….what in the world was the point? Do you have a point? Is the Earth flat? I’m super confused.