Reasons Best Friends Are Better Than Boyfriends

1. You can tell them about your dirty dreams. Not sure the other half would appreciate that you now have an inappropriate crush on that weird guy from work because he was *amazing* at kissing in your dream last night.

 2. They understand (and share) your obsession with TV shows/characters. For some UNFATHOMABLE reason your boyfriend just doesn’t get why you love Lorelei from Gilmore Girls or Jax from Sons of Anarchy so much.

 3. You can share clothes with girlfriends. Double the wardrobe, half the price.

 4. They’re better shopping partners. They’ll be totally honest if something is really unflattering, and even pick out the PERFECT things for you that you wouldn’t ever consider for yourself – boyfriends just moan and look for a place to sit down.

 5. They’ve seen you at your worst and still love you. Your man might THINK he’s seen you in some appalling states, but it’ll never compare to what the girls have seen.

 6. You have #nofilter with them. Digestion issues, ingrown hairs on your bikini line, tampon mishaps – no problem is off limits.

 7. You can talk for hours about nothing and they don’t get bored. Well, if you consider “finding exactly the right conditioner for your hair type so it doesn’t look limp and boring” nothing like most boys do. But your best mate most certainly does NOT, and that’s why they’re your best mate.