Weekend Stuff….

  1.  Sunshine, blue skies and 60 degree temperatures this weekend.  If you don’t go out and enjoy this weekend in February of all months, you’re either working too hard or foolish….or both.
  2. I’m going to out doing a live broadcast at the new Vitamin Shoppe on North Atherton Saturday from 3-5.  From what I understand, they will be giving away LOTS of free samples along with other giveaways and special pricing.  Stop by!
  3. Come on out to the Nittany Mall this weekend.  The missus and I have gathered up a bunch of our antiques and are going to sell them during the Antique Show this weekend.  No reasonable offer will be refused because I don’t want to tote any of this stuff back home.
  4. My “Hack of the Day” today was this:  If you want to test your printer, just use the Google home page.  It has all of the colors you want and it uses virtually no ink.


You’re welcome.