Signs You Hired A Bad Dog Traine

To have a dog in the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show you have to have an exceptional trainer. Not one like you’ll hear described on this list of The Top Signs You Hired a Bad Dog Trainer.

  • He refuses to train a Chihuahua until he sees its immigration papers.
  • He only uses shock collars on HIMSELF.
  • She rewards your dog with a bone. That you quickly realize is human.
  • He asks to be paid in Snausages.
  • Every pair of pants he owns is shredded from the knees down.
  • His only referral is Michael Vick.
  • It’s been a month and he still hasn’t taught your dog how to solve crime in a van with an obvious stoner.
  • He doesn’t understand why people think “Best in Show” is a comedy.
  • The dog no longer poops on the rug . . . because he saves it for your bed.
  • He teaches your German shepherd to invade Poland.