Signs Your Boss Has Stopped Trying

You don’t have to be low on the totem pole to hate your job. Here are four signs your BOSS is either totally swamped, or they’ve checked out and just don’t care anymore . . .

1. They start missing meetings. Even ones they schedule. They might have too much on their plate, or they’ve just stopped trying.

2. They start making snap decisions without thinking things through. It might be because they don’t care enough to actually strategize and make GOOD decisions.

3. They’re not very responsive to emails and voicemails. Or their replies are really short and don’t help much. In other words, they’ve stopped trying to fix things and make the company run better.

4. They keep making promises, but don’t follow through. Like telling you you’re getting a promotion soon . . . or there’s a big new account coming in . . . but it never happens. It’ll make their job harder if you quit, so they might just be stringing you along. (Huffington Post)