Signs You’re Falling in Love

According to a researcher at Rutgers University, our brains work differently when we’re falling in LOVE with someone. And these ten things are telltale signs you’re CURRENTLY falling in love.

Don’t freak out if they used to happen, and don’t anymore. Once you’re together a while, they won’t happen as much. And that’s totally normal . . .

1. They seem oddly unique and special to you. You might even use the word “perfect.”

2. You can’t stop thinking about them. Your friends might claim you’re obsessed.

3. You panic if there’s a minor setback, because you really want things to work out.

4. You go through something stressful together, and feel closer because of it.

5. You feel out of control, and don’t always make rational decisions.

6. You wish you could spend more time together. Maybe even ALL your free time.

7. You start making sacrifices, and feel like you’d literally do ANYTHING for them.

8. You start changing little things to make them happy. Like how you dress.

9. You start acting jealous and possessive. Which isn’t always bad in small doses.

10. It’s not all about the sex. In one study, two-thirds of people who were in love said sex WASN’T the most important part of their relationship. (Live Science)