Top Things Overheard At The Grammys

“The 59th Annual Grammy Awards” aired last night on CBS. Here are The Top Things Overheard at the Grammys.

  • Hi, I’m someone over age 30 who accidentally wandered backstage. I was just wondering, who are all of you?
  • No, Madonna . . . when I said I wanted to “go home with a Grammy,” I didn’t mean you.
  • So they’re called FIFTH Harmony, but there are FOUR of them? Who’s doing this math, Betsy DeVos?
  • No Bieber or Kanye? Altogether now: Thanks, Grammys!
  • Sorry, there must be some sort of mix-up. You weren’t nominated so you’ll have to go home, guys from Foghat.
  • It’s a shame this doesn’t have the star power of the Presidential Inauguration.
  • Lady Gaga is only interesting when she’s jumping off a roof.
  • Is it too soon to give awards to Beyonc√©’s twins?
  • Metallica still rocks despite the fact that they all look like insurance salesmen now.
  • This show is lasting longer than Trump’s handshake with the Prime Minister of Japan.