Study: Getting Sick Is The Only Time We Feel Worse Than When We’re At Work

The average worker spends 25 to 30 years of their life at work, and psychologists are fascinated by its impact on our well-being. Two U.K. researchers Alex Bryson, Professor of Quantitative Social Science at University College London, and University of Sussex economist George MacKerron designed an app called Mappiness, which allowed participants to record their well-being on-the-go on a smartphone. Using the app, they collected data on tens of thousands of individuals. Their data revealed the top five best things in life: 1) making love, 2) going to the theater, 3) going to a library or museum, 4) playing a sport, and 5) gardening, as well as the top five worst things: 1) being sick in bed, 2) working & studying, 3) caring for an adult, 4) standing in line, and 5) doing administrative work & finances. The scientists say this indicates that being at work leads to an eight percent reduction in happiness relative to when someone is not working. They believe this drop in happiness at work is due to anxiety as well as simply wanting to be doing something else. (Daily Mail