You’ll Personally Use 4,239 Rolls of Toilet Paper in Your Life

We’ve seen lists like this before, and they’re always great.  Here are a bunch of random things, and how many times you’ll do them if you live long enough to make it to your 80’s . . .



1.  You’ll blink about 513 million times . . . sneeze 70,000 times . . . laugh out loud 290,000 times . . . sweat out 74,000 gallons of water . . . and spend over 27 years of your life sleeping.



2.  You’ll take 218 million steps, and walk 113,000 miles.  That’s like walking around the entire planet four-and-a-half times.



3.  You’ll spend two-and-a-half years cooking, and over three-and-a-half years eating.  You’ll eat about 35 tons of food, which is like seven elephants.



4.  Your fingernails will grow a total of nine-and-a-half feet.  And you’ll grow six-and-a-half feet of NOSE hair.



5.  You’ll personally use 4,239 rolls of toilet paper.  That’s about 50 a year.  And you’ll spend one-and-a-half years of your life in the bathroom.