Let The Chaos……Begin!!!!

Today is a day that shall live in infirmary.  That’s right…I’ve come up with a sick idea.  I’m going to run for Mayor of State College.  Mayor Goreham announced yesterday that she will not seek another term in office, so it’s wide open.  The only things holding me back are:

  1. I’m not a resident of the borough, so I’m not eligible to run.
  2. I have no money.
  3. I have no campaign staff

Other than that, I think I’m golden.


By the way…the Hack of the Day is:  If you get a splinter, put some Elmer’s glue on it.  When it dries, peel it off (just like we did when we were kids…or like I did just the other day) and the splinter will come out attached to the glue.  Pretty cool, huh?  Almost makes me want to get a splinter…but not really.