Things to Negotiate When You Get a Job Offer


Obviously you can try to negotiate your salary after you get a job offer. But here are five other things you might want to ask about. Just don’t ask for ALL of them. And don’t ask during the interview. Wait until they’ve offered you the job . . .

1. A signing bonus. Most companies don’t have them. But a recent survey found 76% of companies that have to do with finance, manufacturing, consulting, and I.T. sometimes DO offer a bonus when you sign on. So it might be worth asking.

2. The timing of your first raise. Ask what time of year they normally give raises, and find out if you’ll be too new to make the cut-off. If you won’t get one, you can use that information, and try to negotiate a higher salary.

3. Ask for extra vacation days. Especially if they won’t budge on money. Extra vacation days are a lot easier for H.R. to get approved.

4. Ask if you can work from home sometimes. Obviously it depends on the job. But working remotely can save you a lot of money, because you don’t have to commute. So even if it’s just one day a week, it’s almost like getting a pay bump.

5. Ask if they’d be okay with a flexible work schedule. If you have kids, working 7-to-3 might make more sense than 9-to-5. Or if you’re a night owl, you might rather sleep in and avoid rush hour. (