A Weekend of Discoveries…….

I don’t know why, but I learned a lot of stuff this weekend…..

  1.  If you haven’t heard The Skoal Brothers band locally, find out where they’re playing this weekend and go see them.  On a stage full of incredible talent Saturday night for the “Gimme Shelter” show at The State Theatre, those boy just chewed up the stage….outstanding!
  2. I know I got to this late, but if you haven’t gotten into “Sherlock” on Netflix, you may want to look into it.
  3. Also check out “Sneaky Pete” on Amazon.
  4. And I know I’m coming WAY late to the party, but “Deadpool” has officially made my list of movies I’ll watch 70-80 times, easily, without getting tired of it.  I’m not quite sure why I waited this long to give it a shot.
  5. Oh yeah….Hack of the Day…use chalk to get grease stains out of clothing.

You’re welcome.