Subtle Signs Someone’s Into You

We saw a list online of subtle signs someone’s attracted to you. Some were actually kind of obvious, but here are three you might not think about.

Just keep in mind they don’t mean someone’s DEFINITELY into you. Use your best judgment, and be careful if it’s a co-worker or something . . .

1. They blink more than usual while they’re making eye contact with you. A lot of eye contact while you’re excited can make your eyes dry out. So you have to blink a lot to compensate.

2. They lean in while they’re talking to you. Anything that puts them closer to you might be a signal. And physical contact like touching your arm is an even bigger sign.

3. They notice little differences about you. Like you changed your hair, or you’re wearing a new shirt. When you’re into someone, you pay more attention, and you’re also more likely to give out compliments. (Daily Mail)