Five Things I Think I Think….

1  I got a nuclear stress test yesterday for my heart.  I was told it would be an ordeal…it wasn’t, unless you think laying on your back for 30 minutes and walking briskly on a treadmill for about 5 minutes is an ordeal…in which case, you should be exercising more.

2.  As I told my sons on Sunday night, I don’t mind when the Steelers lose if they’re playing Steelers football.  When they play like a bunch of out-coached, out-talented knuckleheads….well, that’s when my blood boils.

3.  Go to You Tube and search for “Bust Your Kneecaps”.  It’s one of the catchiest, funniest songs I’ve heard in a while.

4.  My Granddaughter and I went for a walk on our deck last night in the snow.  She had a blast…no expensive toys…just her….new fallen snow…and her imagination.  There’s a lesson in there somewhere.

5.  Spring training starts in less than a month….and the Pirates haven’t done diddley sqqat to improve themselves……OH BOY!