The Most Annoying Phone Calls


 According to a recent survey, 89% of us have to deal with at least one telemarketer a month. And half of us get more than 20 unwanted calls. Here are the five most annoying calls people say they get . . .

1. Robocalls, where it’s a recording instead of a real person. 66% of people said they get an annoying amount of them.

2. Calls about credit card or loan offers, 28%.

3. Calls from charities you’re not interested in, 23%.

4. Calls about changing phone companies, 11%.

5. Calls about some sort of sweepstakes or contest, 10%.

The survey also found that 13% of us have fallen for a scam over the phone. And 4% of the people who did said they lost over TEN GRAND because of it.

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