Idle ramblings of an old fool…..

As I posted on my Facebook page today, I re-affirmed something this week that I always thought to be true…..if you actually LISTEN to what people who have an opposite view of the world than you have to say, not with the intent to bash them immediately or shout them down because they don’t agree with you (which, as we all know, makes them ignorant, hand-dragging, mouth-breathing cretins), you might just LEARN something!  Sometimes, you don’t learn enough to change your opinion, but sometimes you will, or you’ll get at least enough of an idea to make you want to tweak how you think or make you want to think about that particular topic some more.  It’s called CIVIL discourse….or polite discussion…and it’s a wonderful thing of which to be a part.  It’s also a dying art, apparently, so let’s do what we can to save it.

Oh yeah…no matter how you feel about Donald Trump….don’t do anything stupid that might go on you permanent record today.