Things that Annoy NFL Refs

NFL refs came under fire for a few controversial calls made in playoff games over the weekend.  So add “criticism” to The Top Things that Annoy NFL Refs.

  • Trying to distinguish between Bill Belichick’s happy face, his sad face, his annoyed face, his angry face, and his “I shouldn’t have had that chili so close to game time” face.

  • Having to work through January and February . . . while all their friends on the Cleveland Browns are off.

  • Trying to maintain hope for humanity after listening to Philadelphia Eagles fans for three-plus hours.

  • Knowing that everything they do will be endlessly nitpicked and criticized.  Sorry.  That’s something that annoys spouses.

  • Losing out on a pleasant trip to San Diego for a crappy one to Los Angeles.

  • Fans never congratulate them for all the calls they don’t miss.

  • When the New England Patriots are late with their weekly bribe.

  • Forgetting to change out of uniform before walking into a Foot Locker.

  • Everyone assuming they must know how to read Braille.

  • Having to check Tom Brady’s balls to make sure they’re heavy enough.

  • Constantly being asked to pick members of the Oakland Raiders out of police line-ups.

  • They never get put on the Kiss Cam.