Kids Gain More Weight When Their Parents Consider Them Overweight

Your thoughts can become your reality. A new report finds that children whose parents consider them overweight were more likely to have a negative self-image and gained more weight than children considered normal weight. Researchers from several universities looked at data from over 2,800 Australian families measuring children’s height and weight at the beginning of the study starting at age four or five. Parents reported if they considered their children underweight, normal weight, overweight or very overweight. The study followed the children through adolescence, and researched asked the children if they had made any attempts to lose weight within the last year. The results showed that parents who considered their children overweight were more likely to have there children gain weight over the 10-year time period. Researcher Eric Robinson explains, “We argue that the stigma attached to being an overweight child may explain why children whose parents view them as being overweight tend to have elevated weight gain during development.” (UPI