Woman Saves $27k in One Year By Purchasing NOTHING!

I love when someone does something EXTREME for a New Year’s resolution and actually sticks to it . . . especially because I could NEVER pull this off.

A woman named Michelle McGagh in London, England made a New Year’s resolution last year to not buy ANYTHING in 2016.

The only things she spent money on were her mortgage, bills, insurance, and charity donations, which were about $2,300 a month.  Then she gave herself a budget for food and toiletries of $43 a week . . . or about $6 a day.

She canceled things like Netflix and her gym membership.  And, quote, “It meant no [movies], no nights at the bar, no carryout or restaurant meals, no new clothes, no vacations, not even a Kit Kat from the grocery store.  And no [Starbucks].”

So how much money did she save last year?  $27,000.  NOW she’s not sounding like such a lunatic, huh?  (We did the math, and her salary is around $57,000 a year, based on what she spent and saved.)

She says she used the money to pay off a big chunk of her mortgage early . . . and now that she’s not on the plan anymore, she’s more or less lost the urge to make a bunch of frivolous purchases.