Brains Don’t Fully Mature Until Age 30

The law may say we’re adults at age 18, but experts say our brains may not fully mature until after we hit 30. Daily Mail reports that for the most sophisticated brain processes, such as attention, decision making, and taking risks, our brain only starts to settle down in our fourth decade. The issue is significant, as in the U.S. the issue of whether someone is mature is a key question for policy makers and the criminal justice system. Scientists write in the journal Neuron, “The very idea that we could come up with some number that would encompass all of the complexity involved in brain development is a challenge. When there are decades of evidence that adolesdecents behave differently from adults, the age of 18 doesn’t have any biological magic to it.” One of the challenges that comes with establishing when the average brain is mature is finding an adult brain that has finished maturing as a ‘point of reference.’ (Daily Mail