Leave the Fruitcake Home

The government is once again discouraging passengers from flying with fruitcakes. They say the holiday cakes are being banned on most commercial flights not because of their taste, but because they are thick and could hide a weapon. Apparently they have the same density as that of a bomb. Officials also claim some X-ray machines have problems seeing through fruitcakes. Read this article for more details.

I consider fruitcake the “dinosaur of desserts”, meaning it has outlived it’s relevance. I am sure at one time, that sticky mass of cheap sugar, molasses, dried fruit and nuts was the best dessert going but now we are literally drowning in choices for sweet treats. Cookies, donuts, cakes, ice cream, pies… and all ready to eat 24 hours a day. Can’t we all just pass by the fruitcake this year and then maybe next year the grocery store will fill that space with something you might actually want to eat? Please?