Ways Stores Try to Get You to Spend More During the Holidays

Here are four ways stores try to get you to spend more money during the holidays . . .

1. They create a holiday ambiance. Retailers play into your emotions with decorations, cheerful holiday music, and inviting aromatic displays. And we get so caught up with the atmosphere, we forget about how much everything costs and overspend.

2. They put a big, red “SALE” sign in the window. It’s bait to get you in the store, where you’ll likely buy non-sale items. And there’s also a reason they’re red, besides the holiday factor: People react faster when they see the color red.

3. They strategically place expensive items next to slightly cheaper ones. Using something called the “compromise price effect,” stores sneakily place expensive items next to more reasonable ones, so it SEEMS like you’re getting a good deal.

But even if that $150 sweater is cheaper than the $250 one next to it, you’re still shelling out $150 that you might not have planned to spend.

4. They load the checkout aisle with tempting products. Over the holidays, retailers stock the checkout lines with stocking stuffers and candy, and stores bank on you buying into it while you wait. Especially because by that point, your self-control is DONE. (Business Insider)