The Most Annoying Questions You Can Ask a Flight Attendant

 If you’re flying somewhere for the holidays, here’s something to help make sure you don’t annoy the flight attendants.  Or to make sure you DO if that’s how you wanna go with it . . .

Someone asked a bunch of flight attendants for the most annoying questions they constantly get asked. 

Here are the top five . . .

1.  “Can I be the first one off the plane?”  They almost never say yes unless you’re traveling with five kids or something.  Another question they get a lot is, “Am I going to miss my connection?”  They usually don’t know.

2.  “Can I have some water BEFORE we take off?”  They have a bunch of other stuff to do after you board.  So either buy a bottle in the airport, or wait until you’re in the air.

3.  “What are we flying over?”  Unless it’s the Rocky Mountains or the Grand Canyon, they probably don’t know.  But if the seat in front of you has a TV, there’s usually a map that shows where you are.

4.  “Can I change seats?”  The answer is yes, but only after you get in the air.  They almost never let people move to first class though, even if there’s a seat open.

5.  “Can I hang out with you in the back for a while?”  If the seatbelt sign is off, they’ll let you stretch your legs.  But don’t talk their ear off, or start hitting on them. (Thrillist)