The Top Health Topics of 2016

About 72 million people use the website WebMD each month. And the most popular searches are always about things like the flu and high blood pressure. But here are the six topics that saw the biggest INCREASE this year . . .

1. The Zika virus. Searches were up 434 THOUSAND PERCENT compared to 2015, which was the biggest increase by far. The outbreak started in Brazil last year, and then a lot of people freaked out about it right before the Summer Olympics.

2. Whether heartburn pills cause dementia. A study in February found seniors who took them a lot were 44% more likely to end up with dementia. Which doesn’t necessarily mean they CAUSE it, but it got people worried.

3. The cost of EpiPens. The company that makes them started charging over $600 for a two-pack back in May after a generic version got rejected by the FDA. Less than ten years ago, a two-pack cost about $100.

4. Food recalls. A bunch of companies had to issue massive recalls this year, including General Mills, which had to recall 45 million pounds of flour in May. And Sabra, which had to recall a bunch of hummus last month.

5. Searches about opioids and opioid abuse. They skyrocketed after PRINCE died of a prescription drug overdose in April. (WebMD)