A Woman Smuggles a Lighter Into Jail in Her Rolls of Fat and Starts a Fire

A 37-year-old woman named Amber Koestler was arrested in Fort Walton Beach, Florida last week after she got into a physical fight with her girlfriend.

When the cops got there, Amber fought with them.  They cuffed her, but she managed to get out of the handcuffs and use them as a weapon . . . AND she even powered right through a shot from a taser.

They FINALLY got her booked and put her in a holding cell.

But a few minutes later, they smelled smoke . . . and they found out Amber had smuggled a LIGHTER in and set a roll of toilet paper on fire.

They reviewed the surveillance cameras and found she’d hidden the lighter in one of her ROLLS of delicious BODY FAT . . . and somehow it stayed put in there even while she fought with all of those cops.

It’s not exactly clear what she was hoping to accomplish by setting the toilet paper on fire, other than giving the cops more of a hard time.

She’s been charged with felony domestic battery, resisting arrest, and arson.

(NBC 7 – Panama City Beach