How to Deal With Awkward Holiday Party Situations

Here are four awkward holiday party situations, and how to deal with them . . .

1. You get too drunk at the office party. If it was something minor and you didn’t make a TOTAL ass of yourself, the best thing to do is lay low, go in to work early the next work day, and don’t bring it up unless someone else does.

But if it was something bigger, you should own up to it and apologize to anyone you might have offended. And if your DATE was the one who hit the open bar too hard, explain that she wasn’t feeling well and acted out of character . . . and leave it at that.

2. You get a present and don’t have one to give in return. The best way to handle it is to thank the person profusely, explain how much you love the gift, then put them at the top of your list for next year.

3. You’re getting grilled about politics at dinner. Diffuse the situation by asking the person questions about themselves instead of getting in a political back-and-forth and potentially escalating the conversation.

4. You’re double-booked to two holiday parties. It’s tempting to lie and say you’re sick, but the better option is to be honest and let one of the hosts know as soon as possible. Then a few days later, call or text them, remind them how sad you were to have missed it, and set up a time in January to get together. (Men’s Fitness)