A “Jeopardy” Contestant Passed Away Before Her Episode Aired

Next Wednesday’s episode of “Jeopardy” will feature Cindy Stowell, a 41-year-old contestant from Austin, Texas.



But sadly, she won’t be around to see it, because she passed away on Monday.  Cindy was suffering from Stage Four cancer when she filmed the episode back in August, and she knew that she only had about six months to live.



Alex Trebek was aware that she was sick, and he says that appearing on “Jeopardy” was a lifelong dream of hers.  Quote, “We’re glad she was able to do it.  All of us offer our condolences and best wishes to her family and friends.”



It might seem a little morbid to say, but this is the first time “Jeopardy” is airing a new episode where one of the contestants has died since the taping.



Cindy’s longtime boyfriend Jason Tweeted, quote, “She was fighting a high-grade fever, which turned out to be a blood infection, and was on painkillers while taping.  She was such a badass . . .



“The best friend, partner, and pub trivia teammate a guy could ask for.”