Ways to Make Your Phone Run Faster

If you’re trying to make it through the holidays WITHOUT spending 700 bucks on a new phone, here are four ways to make an old one run a little faster . . .

1. Make sure you have the newest software update. They fix bugs that might be slowing your phone down. The one time you might NOT want to do it is if your phone is REALLY old, and won’t be able to handle the newest software.

2. Get rid of all the old games and apps you don’t use. They just reduce your available storage space, which can cause lagging. Especially if your total storage is almost full.

3. Delete a bunch of photos. Again, it’s all about freeing up storage space. You can also free up a bunch of space by deleting songs, or one or two videos. Just make sure you back up anything you want to keep.

4. As a last resort, do a full factory reset. That means wiping everything off your phone, so it’s like new again. It’s actually not a big deal and doesn’t take that long. Just make sure you definitely back it up first. (LifeHack.org)