Some things I think I think…..

  1.  Matt Rhule, former local boy who made good, leavesL Temple for the HUGE job of rebuilding Baylor’s football team AND reputation.  Gutsy move…I’m sure he’s going to be well compensated for it…and I can’t think of a better person to do it.  I am now a Baylor fan.
  2. Looking for something Christmas-y to do with the fam this weekend?  Go to the Arboretum at Penn State Friday night from 5-7 and walk through their display, then check out the Festival of Trees in the Vo-Tech school in Pleasant Gap on Saturday.  Your kids will love both of them.  And if you go to the Festival of Trees between 4 and 5 on Saturday, you just may get to hear the golden tones of Rama-Lama.
  3. Joke of the Week….”LIke my jacket?  I bought it for a dollar.  It’s my BUCK skin!”  That should get you kicked out of any boring Christmas party you are forced to attend this season.